Breakfast In Bed, Out of Bed

Breakfast In Bed, Out of Bed

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When I was growing up, it was a tradition to do breakfast in bed for a person’s birthday. I loved it!

We usually got our favourite breakfast & sometimes got to request what we wanted in advance. I always chose Cream of Wheat with brown sugar- it’s still my favourite! Ken & I continued this tradition after we were married and it didn’t take me long to learn that his favourite breakfast involves bacon & eggs (as seen in the photos from his 2010 & 2011 birthdays, below).

I can still remember the excitement of getting up early with my dad, to sneak around and prepare breakfast for my mom on her birthday. I also remember him slipping out for an early trip to the grocery store to pick up my Mom’s favourite treat (Peanut M&Ms) to put in a pretty little bowl on her breakfast tray, or to Tim Hortons to get some Doughnuts or Tim Bits (doughnut holes, for my American friends ;) as a special treat for one of my siblings on their birthday, or into the backyard to clip a rose to place on the tray.

I try to follow my dad’s example and make the breakfasts a little bit special with a little treat or some cut up strawberries, or a specially made placemat . I still remember one year my parents surprised me in my bed with breakfast & a huge cookie on a stick- I was so excited to get something unexpected!

Me on my 10th birthday- this must've been pre-Cream of Wheat,
it looks like pancakes- & note the bowl of candies :)

We have updated this tradition a little bit in our home. Instead of the birthday person staying in their bed to eat their breakfast after all of the excitement has died down, we have the birthday boy or girl come downstairs with their breakfast tray & join the family at the table. Then we all get to join in on the special breakfast & the excitement of the birthday!

This year Ken switched it up a little more for my birthday. He & Talia triumphantly appeared at my bedside with a covered tray. I lifted the cover to find a clever little note that Ken had written. It said:

Today we celebrate and sing "Happy Birthday to You!"
So you know that we love you and want you to be happy too.

To get the day started and in the right mood
I thought a good place to start was with food.

I thought and I thought how to fill all your wishes
(But I really didn't feel like doing any dishes!)

So get your winter coat and your hat or fedora
And get in the car to go eat out at Cora's!

We've had a lot of fun with this tradition and I'm really enjoying the way we've updated "Breakfast In Bed" to "Breakfast in Bed, Out of Bed"!

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