True Meaning of Easter Egg Hunt

True Meaning of Easter Egg Hunt

Last year I posted about an Easter Egg Hunt that focussed on teaching the Easter Story and this year, I'm sharing another, different one.

We followed the idea posted about on HowDoesShe?, so go there if you want instructions on how to do it. It involves a scripture quote in each egg with a small item to represent what the quote is about.

Here's a photo that Misty posted at HowDoesShe?

(I figured there was no point taking photos for this blog post, to guide you through the process since she already put together such a beautiful tutorial over there!)

We did a couple of other things- I made two sets (one for us, and one to give away). Then for FHE, we went to a family's house & hid the eggs in their front yard & then left a note on their front door that looked like this:

It had a note inside that explained how to use the eggs for their Easter countdown.

The girls We all had so much fun hiding the eggs & then ringing the doorbell & trying to drive away fast (they totally caught us ;)

And now we're having fun & learning while we open each egg for our countdown- I think this will become an Easter tradition for us!

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  1. What a neat idea! I love your "egged" notes! Too cute! :o)

  2. What a neat idea! I can't wait to start this tradition with my son next year. Thanks so much for sharing! :)


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