Sparkly Easter Eggs & Other Easter Activities

Sparkly Easter Eggs & Other Easter Activities

We dyed some eggs this week & it was a lot of fun! I found a sparkly egg dying kit- perfect for a couple of girls like mine ;) They look great, but you can't touch them much or the sparkles come off ;)

The process involved dying the eggs normally, letting them dry, then putting them in some liquid stuff that was sticky (then blowing on it- hence the pic. of Ken & the girls ;) and dipping the egg in sparkles.

I'm so glad Ken got a shot of me with the girls!


Here are some other fun things we've done for Easter that you might like to try this week:

Bunny Bubbles

Easter Finger Puppets

Easter Story Egg Hunt

Printable Egg Games

You've Been Egged!

Easter Egg Reading Hunt

Paper Doll Bunny

Easter Story Egg Countdown


  1. Do you think the liquid sticky stuff was ... I dunno ... glue? ha ha ha

  2. haha Tami :)
    It was the consistency of water, so it seemed wrong to call it glue. :)

  3. too cute! Love the picture of them blowing on the egg. Adorable.

  4. Love all your projects!! You are such a fun mom!!! Love the pictures!

  5. Nice pictures, and thanks for the activities :)

  6. Super cute pictures! Love the sparkly eggs. :)

  7. What great memories :) Fun that the whole family got in on the process!

  8. Love all those projects. Adorable photos! I have two nieces that love anything with sparkles!!!! I will look for these :)

  9. What fun for you daughters! Projects like these are what they will forever remember.

  10. You are such a fun mom!! I cant wait for to dye eggs for Easter with my little guy... but last night I made a grown up version of Easter eggs. I'm posting about it tomorrow. :) Happy Easter!

  11. Oh my...what great ideas! I must use these.


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