Body By Vi Review

Body By Vi Review

Ever heard of Body By Vi?  Here's my Body By Vi Review.

I had heard of it before, but not really paid attention to it. Until someone I knew started talking about it on her facebook page. :) I've known Janet for years. Her family moved across the country when her husband got a job in another province and I hadn't seen her in quite a while.

Then I saw this little before & after posted on her facebook page!
Body By Vi Review

Craziness! Then she sent me this Body By Vi Shape Nutritional Shake Mix:
body by vi shape nutritional shake mix

so that I could test it out & tell you about it.

I'm here to report that the shakes actually do taste really good! They call the flavour "sweet cream" and I'd say that's very accurate. I tried mixing it two ways: once shaking it by hand in a Tupperware Quick Shake container (it worked pretty well, but it had little bits of shake mix that didn't fully mix in). I also tried a hand blender which worked perfectly- there were no bits that time. Janet says she uses a Magic Bullet and it works great with frozen fruit, etc. A blender also works well if you want to make a larger "batch", but I prefer something smaller if I'm just making one shake.

Another reason I liked the shakes? My personal goal is not so much for weightloss as for nutrition. Some days I am so busy with the girls that I find I haven't really eaten a "real meal" and I eat "junk" for meals way too often. So, I love having the mix around for those days when I am too busy or the fridge is too empty to find a good meal for myself! (Plus there are days when the girls would love to have peanut butter sandwiches or kraft dinner for lunch, and I'm just so not in the mood- so the shake can give me some nutrition to supplement whatever I eat, even if I'm opting out of the meal I'm feeding my kids).

I should also mention that because of the flavour, you can add pretty much anything you want to it! One day I made one of our typical "smoothies" with frozen fruit, yogurt, milk, etc. and added the shake mix to it. It was great!

Janet has athletes using it as a recovery drink, older women using it for nutritional reasons (they don't have the time or energy to cook), moms, University Professors with desk jobs who rarely exercise, and guys who are on a Military base, just back from Afghanistan who took it with them there! There are so many reasons for using this shake that go beyond weightloss that I never would have considered!

If your interest is peaked, you should definitely contact Janet! You can even earn your shakes for free, which is pretty great if you want to give it a try! If you're like Janet, you could become your own walking billboard & people will be coming to you, asking how they can try what you've tried!

Find Janet on facebook where you can ask her questions on her wall, or just grab her email!


  1. Thanks for this review. I've heard a lot about people trying this product lately but nobody has actually talked about how it tasted and such. I may try it!

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you found the review helpful!! Thanks for taking the time to comment. :)


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