Cricut Project (FHE Board Tags)

Cricut Project (FHE Board Tags)

I made these simple tags for our FHE Board with my new Cricut!  All it took was some paper, a laminator, and a hole punch!

My Mother In Law shocked me this past Christmas by giving me a Cricut machine! I'm sure my face was a sight to be seen. ;) So, I'm going to share some of my projects with you when I actually photograph them ;)

The first project I completed was to make tags for our FHE board. FHE= Family Home Evening. (We have this family night every Monday- we stay home together, one of us teaches a little lesson, we sing a song together (someone plays the piano- including Talia who is taking lessons and Katrina who plays whatever she feels ;), and we discuss our plans for the week. It's all finished off with an activity & a treat. Start & finish with a prayer together. :)

FHE Board Tags - Cricut Project

Anyway, we've had this "FHE Board" for a while, but no tags for it! So, when I got the cricut, I set to work to make these cute little tags, and used my handy dandy laminator to help them last longer. So happy with them! :)


  1. Haha, love the 'daddy' tag! I really like this FHE board, all the others I've seen are overly complicated but this is all you need - great job! :)


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