Tangled Birthday Party

Tangled Birthday Party

For Talia's 6th birthday, we threw a Tangled Birthday Party.
Here's what we did:

Decorations were pink & purple balloons & streamers. Pretty simple, but they did the job. :)

We played pin the pan on Flynn Ryder :) Ken found this printable Flynn Ryder Wanted poster and enlarged it, then traced it onto poster board. Then we found someone else who had done the same thing & created a free frying pan printable. Our printer was only printing bluish/purplish, so that's the colour of our pans. I wrote the party guests' names on the pans.

On the table were the Rapunzel cake, pans for the above game, treat bags, and dishes (pink & purple).

Here's a closer look at the treat bags. I just used brown lunch bags, sparkly stickers, and ribbon. I have honestly forgotten what was included in the treat bags!! (the party was a while ago ;) I know there were hair clips and hair bands and stickers, but I forget what else.

Of course, the cake. (Read more about it here.)

And the pinata (more about that here).

We also watched the movie (I was tired and had run out of games ;)

Here we are at the candle blowing stage. I hadn't planned for where to put the candles in a cake like this! :)


  1. looks like fun and you hair is getting super long again! you look amazing!

  2. SO CUTE!! Everything turned out amazing-- good job! :)

  3. That cake is amazing! Way to go mom!!! I love birthday parties! Makes me wish my daughter was younger so I could talk her into a Tangled party...

  4. My son actually loves Tangled! :-) Looks like a fun party! And darling cake.

  5. This is such a pretty party, and I love the cake. I hope you will stop by and link it up on my new linky party, Dare to Share.


  6. Wow, your Tangled party looks great! I actually barely watched Tangled the other day since we got it the DVD in the mail. I forgot I ordered it off Blockbuster @Home; it actually is a very sweet movie. My daughter knows all the songs on it lol. So I decided we are going to have her a Tangled birthday party next month. Your Rapunzel cake was so cute; I personally always wanted a doll cake like that. I just hope I don't have to work at DISH on the day her party is.


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