After Hello (A Book Review)

After Hello (A Book Review)

I recently received a book published by Shadow Mountain, to share with you called After Hello by Lisa Mangum.

Here's what I thought:

It was a cute story about 2 teenagers meeting and learning about themselves and each other as their relationship develops. I thought it was a neat concept (what if the first day of your relationship was the only day you had?). It made me think about how I see different people, and how everyone has a story hidden inside. Taking the time to get to know someone's story is so worth it!

As a parent (if I had a child old enough to read the book), I would take issue with the fact that 17 year old Sara ended up staying the night at a stranger's home with a boy she just met (regardless of the fact that they didn't "do" anything). Otherwise, it was a pretty "harmless" romance.

Here's what my friend Amber (probably more of the target audience age- young adult- for the book) thought:

It was kind of a fantasy.. I mean who would ever meet a guy, fall in love, see all of New York City, meet a celebrity, and say goodbye, all in one day?


If you read this book, I'd love to hear what you think of it! I love to discuss books bookclub-style, and hear others' thoughts on books and what came to their minds that can open mine. :)

After Hello comes out next month, so be watching for it! :)

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  1. found u thru the naptime review moms monday mingle and follow thru GFC now!


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