Stop the Growing!

Stop the Growing!

When I was little, my mom's friend used to say she was going to put a brick on my head to stop me from growing.

I feel the same way about my kids- stop it!! It happens way too fast!!

I was recently introduced to this music video.
It had me crying & crying! I just kept picturing my 3 year old as a 15 year old, and worrying about whether she'd have the confidence she has now.

Please, can they stay 3 & 6 forever? Running around the house in dress-up wings and princess dresses? Please!


  1. I agree they grow up too fast. My little girl is almost six and she's growing up crazy fast. If you figure out how to slow it down let me know and I will let you know if I figure it out.

  2. I've been feeling JUST like this lately, but about my 10 year old, who is less and less my little boy every day. sniff, sniff!

  3. Mine are ages 11-15.. I would love to go back to 3 and 6. :)


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~Heather Lynne

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