Tutorial Tuesday: Canning Cherries

Tutorial Tuesday: Canning Cherries

Here's what we did last month when we found some cherries on sale for a great price!

I'll share the basic steps with you, but if you're doing this for the first time, you'll want to look up more details & specifics!

1. Wash cherries
2. Take the stems off

Here's the cherry pitter we used:

3. Pit the cherries
(the girls LOVED helping with this part!)

4.Get jars & lids hot
5. Put cherries in, add sugar

6. Add hot water
7. Remove air bubbles, top up with water

8. Put hot lids on

9. Boil cans (length of time depends on jar size)
10. Remove cans

11. Set out to cool, listen for lids popping!
(They need to sit out for 24 hours without a breeze)

Do you do any canning?
My husband is actually the one who gets these things going- I'm glad he does, but if it were up to me, I'm afraid we'd never do this!

Here's a link to us canning homemade apple juice and homemade apple sauce.

And here's a link to the Life Made Delicious website where you can get ideas more ideas and recipes for your garden surplus!

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  1. Hello fellow I Love My Online Friends GFC Hop-er! I actually recognize your blog from other blog hops. Please check out my blog, if you haven't already. (And follow.) Have a great week.


  2. lovely post the canned cherries look good #LMDconnector

  3. newest follower from Second Ave Photography :) I love cherries!

  4. Oh those cherries look amazing! I need to try canning again.

  5. J'ai beaucoup faire des conserves, bravo pour ces belles cerises!


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