Hope Springs

Hope Springs

I read Sarah Eden's Longing for Home a year ago and have been looking forward to the sequel ever since!

I was excited when I heard that Longing for Home; Hope Springs (published by Shadow Mountain) was ready to be released! It came in the mail at a perfect time for me - right before I flew to Utah to visit my sister. It was the perfect novel to bring along for something to do during my flights.

I loved Katie's character in Longing for Home, and reading as the town feud unfolded. After reading a little preview of Hope Springs that was included at the end of Longing For Home, I was dying to find out what would happen next, hoping for as much of a page-turner as the first book was. Hope Springs did not disappoint! There are tragedies and hard times for the whole town as Winter hits and the feud between the Irish and the Red Road escalates. Katie does so much to try to improve things between her neighbours but with violence and discrimination building, it all comes to an unfortunate head before anything can really start to improve. There are surprises along the way as we learn more about some of the townspeople and of course the big question, for those who read the first book, will be what happens with the love triangle that developed in the first book. When I finished reading Longing For Home, I couldn't decide which man I hoped Katie would end up with, but the second book makes the answer more clear.

It was another great read from Sarah Eden and I was happy and content with the ending (my favourite way to end a story). If you read the first book, you need to get out and get yourself a copy of the conclusion to this story, and if you didn't - what are you waiting for? :) This would be a great book club book as well, and even has discussion questions included at the back of the book.

I have been following Sarah Eden on facebook ever since I reviewed the first book and have learned about her challenge of being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (this is close to home for me because of my own joint problems that my Doctor thinks may lead to the same diagnosis in the future). I've been impressed not only by Sarah Eden the author, but Sarah Eden the person. Here is a video of her, telling us a bit about Hope Springs:

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purposes from Deseret Book. All opinions expressed here are my very own.

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