Spring Break Mini Vacation

Spring Break Mini Vacation

We had a great Spring break last week! We spent a day out of town (the girls at my parents' house while I visited with my sister & her new baby and took some photos to make a parts poster- which I will post when I finish it).

Tuesday we were at home, just hanging out and making a spur-of-the-moment plan to book a hotel and spend a few days in Toronto! Ken works in Toronto when he needs to do lab work, and he had a bunch of things that needed to be done there, so we decided to just all go!

So we packed up and left very early the next morning! We got to Toronto so early that nothing was really open, so the girls & I hung out in Ken's office (me reading, them watching "How It's Made").

A little later, while Ken worked in his lab, I took the girls to Tim Hortons for "second breakfast" ;) (which you need when you wake up so early!)

Next, we headed to the library where we spent some time reading together. We also picked out some movies & books to take back to the hotel with us.

When lunchtime came around, we walked with Ken to get some lunch at a place that sells authentic Mexican food (which Ken loves after living in Mexico for 2 years- he cannot get it often, but when he can, he's excited!) It was kind of crazy because Tuesday was a very Spring-y day (weather-wise) and then Wednesday (our first day in Toronto) was crazy snowy! (So the walk to get lunch was rather Wintery ;)

We brought our food back to the Hospital (where his lab is) and ate there.

We hung out in Ken's office a little longer while he finished some work and then we all went to check into the hotel. We parked our car and left it for the rest of our visit (because we would be using street cars & subways- which was a cool experience for the girls (and me too- I think that may have been my first time on a subway!)

That night we went to the new Ripley's Aquarium and it was so cool! I may have to share some more photos from our visit in another post. :)

On Thursday, Ken headed back to the lab early in the morning and the girls and I headed to the pool! Katrina "tried on" Ken's suit and I had to snap a photo- it looked like a weightloss ad! haha

We had a lovely time swimming and then we took a street car to a big mall. The girls' favourite part? The escalators, the glass elevators, and the fountain of course!

When we got back to the hotel, they were excited to find their bed made, blanket & toys sitting nicely by their pillows :) (I loved watching the fun they were having and remembering how fun it was for me as a kid, to go to a hotel!)

We hung out for a while in our hotel room and painted nails. Then we got a call from Ken, saying that he was finished early & was going to come back to the hotel to swim! The girls were thrilled to get to go swimming again! This time I just observed (didn't want to get my hair wet when we would be heading out for another adventure soon!)

Our special evening activity that day was a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum. We saw some cool things, and had fun, but we were ready to leave sooner than the aquarium (I think we were all tired & had sore feet from all the walking we had been doing! :)

Here are Katrina & I, tired on the subway back to the hotel:

The next day we spent one more morning at the pool and then Ken headed back to his lab while we packed up, checked out, grabbed some lunch, and then we all drove back to town. Ken went home to do some more work & I took the girls to a birthday party!

What a full week, but so much fun to spend all of that time together!

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