A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life

I decided to pick up my new camera some more on Saturday, to get more comfortable with it.
This post is not sponsored, but these photos were taken with my Nikon D3300 and 35mm 1.8 Nikkor lens and I'm excited to share some #NikonMOMents from our day :)

Here's our Saturday, in photos:

A carnation given to me the day before, for volunteering at the school:

Girls watch Inspector Gadget on Kidoodle.TV

Ken's cooking berries for the tops of our pancakes:

Breakfast is served...

& it's good enough to lick your plate ;)

The girls each earn a "gem" for clearing the dishwasher (I will blog about this system someday!)

Then they read together..

Talia is determined to make a stuffed unicorn as a gift for someone special.
She is cutting out a pattern I printed (will share about this later too!)

Talia has a birthday party to go to today, so we wrap the gift & she's working on the card

We drop Talia off at the party at a bowling alley & Katrina & I come home. Katrina watches a show while I help Talia out by sewing some more of the Unicorn that she started sewing earlier.

Party is over, Unicorn is sewn & ready for finishing touches.

The girls decide which colour of yarn to use for the Unicorn's mane & tail

Ken is home from work (he works every chance he gets these days, including Saturdays- it's hard work to write a thesis!) & we're all relaxing in the sun from the window in the living room.

We get a call from Ken's family and we're invited to come over to hang out with his sister and her girls who are in town for the weekend, so we hop in the car.

Each girl is allowed to bring one stuffy (if we don't limit them they'll choose like 10 each ;)

We stop for gas

We arrive and Rachelle (my sister in law) is outside snapping some photos. Ken & I sit with her and chat while the girls join their cousin and Poppy (Ken's dad) in the backyard.

I go into the backyard to check on the girls. Which is the perfect time to photograph some of the beautiful flowers in my in-laws' backyard (and some beautiful cousins playing on a beautiful day!)

Fun with flower shots

Cousin Time

We have dinner & hang out, but I'm too busy to shap photos. Then we get in the car and drive home.

Bedtime ensues, but I guess I didn't pick up the camera again.

It was a lovely day to photograph! :)

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  1. I love the flower pictures. Did you change the aperture or was it a portrait setting?

    1. Thanks Caroline! I had the camera set on Aperture Priority and set the Aperture wide open to 1.8 (to get the shallow depth of field). I'm pretty sure the ISO was at 100.

  2. You have such a gorgeous family, and your photographs are stunning!

    1. Thank you Jaymi! I love the cathedral photo that you posted on your blog today!

  3. These photos are great! Did you photo shop at all/how much? I'm only curious because they are so nice and was wondering about the quality of the originals from the camera since I am in the market for a new one.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I was given this camera for a blogging campaign that I’m a part of (a bit about that here: http://www.raisingmemories.com/2014/06/capturing-moments-with-nikon.html ), so I didn’t shop around for it. It is a great camera though! I’m not sure if you’re in Canada (as I am) or the U.S. or elsewhere, but this camera is around $600-650 with the 18-55mm lens included, or $520 for the body only, and if you want the lens I used in my post, it is $200-240 to buy that lens. This camera has a great setting on it called “Guide” that helps you through learning about the different settings of the camera and how to achieve the effect you want while you are learning. It also has automatic modes and manual settings depending on how fancy you want to get ;) I did do a little bit of editing to these photos (because I’m in the habit of it!) but the quality straight out of camera is very good. Perhaps I should do another post down the line showing photos that are unedited, to give an idea of the quality straight out of camera.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Heather these are absolutely beautiful!!! The insight into your day was so peaceful and loving. Off to grab my camera I am now getting eager to snap some pictures! LOL

    1. Thanks Tammy! :) I look forward to seeing more of your photos - loved the ones you shared with us of your kids playing outside :)

  5. Stunning pictures. I love all of the details. The new camera suits you :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love sleeping kiddo pictures.


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