Pretty Pink Baby Girl Shower

Pretty Pink Baby Girl Shower

In March, my youngest sister became a mother! (I know, old news... I've posted photos and more photos already ;)  Before that baby came, I helped to throw a pretty pink baby shower for her :) My mom and I got together at her house and spent the day happily making pretty pink treats :)

Okay, so you have to know that my mom and I both enjoy doing things like this. We do not always have the time to do things like this, and our lives do not usually look fresh off of a Pinterest board, but we had a lot of fun trying to make this shower as pretty as it could be for my sister :)

We decorated mostly with photos and food! My mom already had framed photos of each of her children on their wedding days and her grandchildren throughout her living room, so we used those frames and switched out the photos so that it became the "Amber room" :) Below you can see a photo that I took of Amber and Russ while she was pregnant (more maternity photos of theirs here) and a couple of photos of Amber as a child and a baby (if you can find her among those toys in her crib :)

This table had another maternity photo and a couple more pictures of Amber as a little munchkin :) One of those photos was a clue to the answer to one of the questions in a game we would be playing.

Speaking of games, we played two written games at this shower. One was a series of questions about Amber when she was little and the other was a typical baby animal names game.

That was it for games and the rest of the time was spent visiting, opening gifts, and snacking :)

Here's how the table looked (we joked with Amber's mother in law who offered to bring the vegetables that our only request was that the vegetables she bring be pink ;) I had the little pink garland in my collection of birthday decorations (it's a martha stewart thing that I got on clearance at Walmart), the flowers are always in my mom's living room and happened to go with our colours, and the rest is food :)

On the table, we had one more picture of Amber from her childhood that was especially cute, in a pink frame. We found that little precious moments figurine in my mom's cabinet and put it out on the table too.

Alright, and now for the food:

I was particularly excited about and proud of these pretty watermelon cubes speared with raspberries and tied up with a bow- how freaking adorable (and unnecessary)... but so pretty!!

I got the idea to tie oreos up with a ribbon from something I saw here.

My mom has a mint brownie recipe that she likes to use (and is DELICIOUS). She made it and dyed the mint layer pink to go with our theme. (Just talked to her and she says she just makes regular brownies... not sure if that means from a mix ;).. and then makes the frosting from this page.)

My mom also got creative and decided to make meringues and they were not only beautiful but delicious! (can you tell there was more than one sweet tooth involved in the planning of this shower??... but in our defence, there really aren't any pink vegetables! ;)

We had pink lemonade for our drink, but I just realized that I took this picture BEFORE we added it to the punch bowl! ;) haha Well, you can see how we displayed it at least ;)
(Another maternity photo that I took of Amber, some pink napkins, and decorations my mom already had in her room)

We used my cupcake stand to display some very pinkalicious cupcakes (just a regular cake mix cupcake, but topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting, dyed pink).

Lastly, we had some strawberry yogurt in dishes (decorated with more ribbon :) with a strawberry on top- so adorable!

Okay, I know you're probably a little "pinked out" by now, so I'll wrap this up, but before I finish this post, I wanted to share a close up of this photo of me with my sisters when we were little :) That's me on the left with Amber in the middle and Hilary on the right. I love having this photo! :)

I hope you had fun seeing what we did for this shower- we had a lot of fun planning and putting it together! :)

Oh, maybe one more shot, of Amber & I:

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  1. I absolutely love all the beautiful decor and treats! So pretty! Everything looks wonderful! Congratulations to your sister and to you for becoming an aunty!!! :D

  2. Everything is so pretty! Great job! Love the watermelon cubes. :)


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