A Trip to the Circus

A Trip to the Circus

Recently we had the opportunity to go to the Shrine Circus and we had such a great time! I had entered a giveaway on another blog and was so excited to win tickets and be able to take the family for a fun summer day trip! When we arrived, we went to the Box Office to get our tickets and were greeted by Cathy Sproule, Director of Public Relations, who took us to see the elephants (Marie and Shelly) before the show!

It was so neat to see them up close before the show, and to hear more about the circus "behind the scenes". I found out that the Zerbini family (I can remember hearing the name Tarzan Zerbini at circuses when I was a kid!) runs a sanctuary for elephants in Florida (which is where Marie and Shelly live during the months that the circus isn't travelling) and that Marie and Shelly have been together their whole lives (they are 46 and 48 years old) and are very close. So close that if one isn't feeling well, neither will perform that day.

Next, we headed to the front of the tent where everyone was lined up to get into the tent. That's where we got to see the human cannonball up close! It was pretty amazing!

Here's Talia plugging her ears during the countdown:

Cathy took us into the tent and gave us VIP seats (we were so excited!) and then the girls got to have an elephant ride! Katrina was a little nervous at first, but by the time they got off of the elephant, they were both really excited to tell me about it!

The girls loved watching the different acts (and I loved watching their faces!).  I kept turning my camera on them instead of the acts!

Perhaps my favourite act was when they pulled 4 dads (including Ken) up to perform! haha  They were all great sports and we had a lot of fun watching them!

The girls loved seeing the elephants again and the "pretty girls with shiny wings" who came out with music from Disney's Frozen playing.

Such a fun day out together and so fun to see things through these little girls' eyes :)

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