Easy Backyard Camp Out

Easy Backyard Camp Out

A couple of years ago, we went camping as a family. It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and we slept terribly. ;) When I asked the girls at the beginning of the summer what they hoped to do this summer, camping was one of the first things on their list. I knew Ken wasn't excited about camping again, and I knew that it could be a bit pricey to get a camp site anyway (and we were trying to be as low-budget as possible with our activities this summer). So, we came up with a plan to camp in Ken's parents' backyard.

We're lucky that they have camp supplies to share with us, because our family's camp supplies include a handful of flash-lights and one Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag ;) So, we went to their house and Ken put Talia on wood-gathering duty and Katrina on "leaf-removal" duty (for our roasting sticks) and got a fire started in the fire pit. "Poppy" (Ken's dad) and I got started setting up the tent while Gummy (Ken's mom) hunted down sleeping bags, etc.

We had a lovely hot dog dinner (thanks to Gummy and Poppy again, for the condiments!)

...and roasted marshmallows :) [Sidenote: Don't they have a gorgeous backyard? It was beautiful to eat by the pond and listen to the little waterfall in the background at night!]

When it started to get dark, we changed into pajamas and went inside to brush teeth. Then it was out to the tent to play board games, read stories, say prayers, and sing songs. :)

The tent had a "room divider" that you could put up in the middle, so after we were done with the board game, we set that up and made shadows on the "wall"! :)

We were out in the tent, trying to get warm & comfortable and listening to hyper girls on the other side of the "wall" until about 10:30 when someone needed a trip to the bathroom and someone was complaining about how hard and cold the ground was. It didn't take much convincing... we were inside for the night! ;) Luckily we had beds to sleep in inside and had a great sleep! (No regrets there- the camping memories were made and we didn't have to wake up with sore backs!)

I'm so glad we made this happen!

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