Donovan's Backyard Birthday Party

Donovan's Backyard Birthday Party

Last week we went to my nephew's 4th birthday party.  It was just our family, his family, and Gummy & Poppy (the grandparents), and it was so much fun!  My sister-in-law, Betsy, had their backyard all set up with a pool complete with water and plastic balls, sun umbrellas and lawn chairs, their fun play structure, balloons and delicious snacks.  The kids had a blast and it was so much fun to watch it all!

Here's the cute little 4 year old himself:

The party started with a game of musical chairs.  Ken made it fun by grabbing the "loser" of each round and picking them up (threatening to throw them in the pool).  He just dipped their feet in, but it got a lot of giggles and kept them all smiling :)  That's me in the top corner, holding Donovan's little brother, Xander.   Below that is a photo of Xander watching the bigger kids playing in the pool, and a shot of Donovan with a giant balloon that his mom blew up for him :)

We had pizza and pop for lunch.  I sat and chatted with Donovan at the kiddie table for a bit and grabbed a shot of him in his sweet spiderman shades and a close up of his cute little 4-year-old messy fingers around his drink :)  I love to catch little details like that, that a few years ago I would never think to take a picture of, but I treasure so much when I look back on them and remember the different stages my kids go through!

Those kids had so much fun in the water!  After that giant balloon (above) popped, Talia discovered that there was a piece of it that was the perfect size for a "swim cap" haha :)

The balls in the pool made everything extra fun and colourful!  What a fun and memorable birthday party!

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