Raising Memories: Before & Afters... want to send me a "before" to work on??

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Before & Afters... want to send me a "before" to work on??

Well, it's definitely been more than a day or two, but when I posted Laura's session, I said I'd be back with before & afters, so here I am.

I do a lot of black background shots when I do a newborn session. This is one reason why my baby shoots take extra Photoshop time. But I love the result!

Sweet little Laura woke up with the dreaded baby acne a day or two before her session, so it was Photoshop to the rescue:

I have some pretty cool examples of non-baby acne removal as well, but I'm not sure that any of those clients would be too excited to have their acne displayed on my blog, so I'll keep them to myself. ;)


I really love playing with Photoshop and seeing what I can pull off.

One of my favourite things to play with is faces (acne removal, teeth whitening, wrinkle lessening, skin smoothing, etc.)

I also think it's a lot of fun to attempt to take some pounds off of someone in Photoshop & make it look realistic. This is one I don't get to play with as often.

Is there anyone reading this out there that would like to send me a photo of themselves to let me play with taking some pounds off? If you're interested in seeing what I can do, send your photo to raisingmemories at gmail dot com. Include in your email permission for me to post the before & after on my blog, and send it off. I'll choose one to play with & post it here for you all to see :)


  1. What fantastic photos. I always wondered how photographers got those black background shots. Now I know.

  2. Love your work - stopping by from SITS - you have an email :)

  3. Cool stuff!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is great too!

  4. Love you photos! Beautiful!
    So, are you LDS? I saw your post about listening to the Friend on-line (which I did not know you could BTW, so cool!) And just thought I'd ask!!

  5. Never mind, I just read you "about" page. LOL! Its so fun to run into other LDS moms through blogs! Fun!

  6. I love your blog and your photography! I have wedding photos that I want to photoshop, but I have never taken the time to learn enough about the program to do it. The photographer for my wedding didn't know how to use ps. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Your photography is beautiful! I like the popcorn idea too!

  8. You had me until the permission to post the before and after! LOL. Can you take the real life pounds off?

  9. Girl, you are ROCKING Photo Shop! Nicely done :)

    I cam to say hello. Rhonda sent me. I think I'll be back, though!

  10. Thanks DRB, there was no link back to your profile, so I'm not sure who you are or what Rhonda you're referring to, but thank you for stopping by & I hope you do again! :)

  11. What an awesome talent. Love the pics.

  12. Thanks for the examples! I always love to see before and after shots. I love the BW image!!


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