Baby Burp Cloths

Baby Burp Cloths


Okay, now that I've got that out there, I'll share a photo: I'm very excited that I've sewed an actual item. :) I made a burpcloth! It was a good first project for me because it didn't really involve a pattern or anything too difficult. I found the idea here, at HowDoesShe.

One side is towel-ish white fabric and the other is a Winnie The Pooh flannel. I feel totally proud of myself even though I know it is not perfect and you don't have to look too closely to see that my sewing skills need work! ;)

I found this tutorial online for how to do a slip stitch since I had never done one before, and found it very helpful.


  1. You go girl!!
    Here is a tutorial for burp cloths that Ive used.
    Just in case you wanted to try something else :)
    They are pretty easy to make too.

  2. Thanks Sarah! I'll add that to my bookmarks of things to try! :)

  3. I love that one side is towel-like!! I wanted to try this tutorial out too. Thanks for linking up to Baby Week!


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