Raising Memories: Memories (Grandma's Closet)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Memories (Grandma's Closet)

This blog is called Raising Memories because it's about building memories while raising your kids. One of my favourite memories as a child is of spending time at my Grandma's house.

There are a lot of reasons for that- some are related to my wild & funny Grandpa and the things he would do- how he'd chase us and we'd run away squealing, how he'd pick us up & plop us down on his lap for a hug & say, "Now give me a love." He always had a candy stash somewhere and I always always felt loved by him.

Some of those memories are related to my Grandma- how we used to have "Grandma Days" when just one of the kids in my family would get to spend an afternoon, alone, with Grandma. These days for me involved playing Memory together, making popcorn or fudge, and one time when we went for a nature walk & my Grandma let me take a picture with her camera (a big deal at the time- I was probably 5 years old).

One of the things that has great memories for me (and I'm pretty sure for all of the grandchildren) is Grandma & Grandpa's hall closet. It was full of dress up clothes and treasures that my Grandma would pick up at garage sales. I wish I had a photo on hand from back in the day when we'd all dress up crazy and parade into the living room with a fashion show for the adults!

Talia, myself, & my Grandma

A few weeks ago, I was so happy to be at my Grandma's house, watching my girls pull out the dress up clothes. I could see the same thrill on Talia's face that I remember. It was hilarious to see Katrina parading around in the things my sisters, cousins, & I used to fit into!


  1. How wonderful, and such a great picture!

  2. The one time I remember going to your grandma's house, I got to play with those clothes! so much fun!!

  3. how fun to watch your daughter dress up in your memories. sweetness.

  4. That is an awesome photo...grandmas are great....my daughter is having a sleepover with her grandparents....tonight!! And we are so lucky because they live next door!

  5. oh my. what a sweet, sweet post. love this.

  6. Awww how sweet.. such great memories :) I dont think I have ever mentioned how much I love the name Talia, It's my college roomates name... and I dont think i have ever met anyone else with that name.
    Anyways... Love her name. Love this picture....:)

  7. This is such a sweet tradition that your girls now get to share with your grandma. Love it!

  8. I know my mum has fond memories with her grandma and is working to ensure my kids have those same fond memories of her.

  9. What a sweet memory to pass on to your daughter.


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