Getting To Know You - Dream House

Getting To Know You - Dream House

In continuing with getting to know each other, today I'm going to write about my dream house. (and I want you to tell me about yours! :)

When I was younger, I determined that I would never live in an apartment. I didn't understand why someone would want to live in a small place with no yard. I didn't fully understand money yet either. ;)

When we got married (7 years ago) at age 21, we were both University Students. We found a 2 bedroom apartment in an old building that used to be a button factory. It was actually pretty cool- it had tall ceilings with tall, curved windows.

When Talia was almost 2 years old, we moved to a 2 bedroom townhouse with a small backyard that backed onto a park. It was great! Then a few months after Katrina was born, we moved down the street (literally. Our address changed by one digit) to a 3 bedroom townhouse where we now live.

My husband still has about 2 years left in his PhD, so I expect that we'll be hanging around here until he starts a post-doc. We have no idea where in the world that will take us, so we can't really plan for our future home yet.

But I'm writing about my dream home... I would love to live in the country (like I did when I was growing up) where we'd have a lot of land, tall trees (there must be leaf forts in the Fall), squirrels, chickadees and a swing set. I'd like to be close to the city though (I'm all for convenience). I want raspberry bushes and flower gardens with tulips and snapdragons.

I'd like to live in a new(ish) home (like the one we moved to when I was 9), and I want to have a big kitchen, a big living room, and a games room (for Ken).

It's funny but most of the things I dream about seem to have more to do with outside than inside... I guess I want to recreate those magical moments for my kids, that I remember from when I was a child, exploring outside.

What would your dream home be like?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog:) My dream house... oh boy. It would be on the water somewhere with a porch overlooking. That's top on the list.

  2. I'm new to your blog and I gotta say, I love it!!
    My dream house... Well, I'm basically living in it right now. I would just want one or two more bedrooms. The lot however is not my dream lot. I want room! We are on a small lot. I would love to be out in the country, but close to the city. I like convenoence too. I lived in Idaho in High School and we had a big yard, loved it.

  3. Cute blog... Thank you for sharing. My dream house has a HUGE wish list. We have been in a 2 bedroom apartment with a small backyard. We have been here since we were married 10 years ago & have now have 4 children under the age of 7. Needless to say my dream home has a big backyard with room to send the rowdy ones to run out their wiggles. I must have a huge kitchen & pantry, a laundry room inside the house, a family room, 4 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms. We love to sit outside & enjoy the fresh air & BBQ. When we visit my parents we even campout in their yard... I can't wait...

  4. I have a lot of aspects of my dream home, now. We have 5 bedrooms on 3 acres. After living in a tiny 2 bedroom house in a terrible neighborhood in the city with 5 (we now have 6) kids, this is dreamy in a lot of ways. BUT, since we're dreaming, I'd love a home with character. This is a new house, and as much as I was thrilled to move, I really miss the details of our old 1921 Bungalow with push-button light switches, plate and picture rails in the different rooms, french doors between living room and dining room, intricate molding on everything, big solid hard-wood doors with beautiful details, etc. I would just like it big enough, not sagging and leaning, and out here in the country. And I'd love to be able to hire a professional landscaper to come in and give me an English garden around my home, instead of the wild field grass and crazy amounts of rocks that we have. But really, life is great and I'm happy!

  5. Dielle, I want to come stay at your dream house! :) That sounds lovely- and so do the details of your old home!


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