Playroom Wall

Playroom Wall

One day I was browsing CSN Stores' website (you can get lost in there, I tell ya) when I found this specimen of cute wall decor. I could not get it off of my mind for a long time, and finally asked my mom for it for a birthday gift :)

I finally got it up on the playroom wall & I'm loving it! I have several other little projects on the go for the playroom & I look forward to sharing them with you soon! But for now, isn't this cute??

My mom & I spent an afternoon carefully placing each little wall sticker & are very pleased with our work. (Stay tuned to see how Katrina added to the masterpiece)


  1. Super cute. I love it all especially the owls.

  2. We have these for my daughter's room. She ripped them down in 3 days, so we had to get creative and paint the trunk on and make the leaves out of reach, but I love the animals and colors in it!

  3. We have these for my daughter's room. She ripped all her "stickers" off the wall in a couple days. (Solution: we painted the tree trunk on and applied the rest out of her reach) :) Love all the critters!


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