Moments (Fireworks Past Bedtime)

Moments (Fireworks Past Bedtime)


Last night after the girls were in bed, we started seeing fireworks out our bedroom window. Ken went & got the girls out of their beds & we all watched fireworks for a long time, on our bed. It was a magical moment :) Some quotes from that time:

Katrina: (whispered firecracker sounds) "chyoo! chyoo!!"
"Woah! Cool! That's a pink one! Wed! Gween! Pink! Boo!"

Talia: "I'm gonna draw a picture at school of you & me watching fireworks in your bedroom."
"Wow, that is just... bravo! Do you think that was the finale?"
"This is the best night ever!"
(repeated at least 10 times)

I can remember how excited I was when I got to do things like that as a child. These are great memories to make! :)

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