June 2007

Betsy & Steve ~ Wedding

Betsy & Steve
June 23, 2007
Provo/American Fork, Utah

We recently took a trip to Utah for my brother in law's wedding. I wasn't the official photographer, so I steered clear of group shots, and don't have many shots of the bride & groom since that was being done by their hired photographer. But I did get some fun detail & guest shots.

My hubby & my daughter

All of the kids on both sides wore matching outfits :)

My favourite part of the food ;)

...& evidently my niece's as well ;)

Their centrepieces (there were fish- not sure where he was hiding when I took this one)

there he is

My nephew's favourite part of the food ;)

Cake smashing

They got each other good

The aftermath

My father in law with my niece, Anna (the strawberry eater).

Balloons in waiting to be released when the bride & groom made their exit

de Jong Family ~ Portraits

The de Jong Family
June 9, 2007
Brantford, Ontario

I had an excellent time photographing my Aunt & Uncle and cousins this weekend. It was so much fun! Everyone had a chance to play and goof around, and I loved being able to capture that in the pictures. There were a lot of pictures, but I've included a few of my favourites here:

Joanna with her son, Lincoln

Lincoln with his Daddy (Joe)

Joe & Joanna

Kimberly (my youngest cousin)

The 3 girls with their mom & grandmother (Oma)


The Girls with their Dad

Uncle John being Uncle John ;)

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