May 2019

Some Thoughts on Comparison, Social Media, & Opening Up Online

This post is about comparison, "invisible" struggles, and the role that opening up online and through social media (or not opening up) plays in our perceptions of others' lives....

Sometimes you look at someone in the pew across from you at church, or you follow someone on Instagram and think you have a pretty good idea of what their life is like, how happy they are, what sort of weight they’re carrying in terms of life challenges, and how well they’re handling things.

Authenticity and Transparency Online

You probably compare them or their life with yourself or your life- whether you mean to or not. You probably have a warped perception of what life is really like for them. (Please note that I said warped perception- this is good news because there’s a good chance that your inadvertent comparing is making you feel worse about yourself, your life challenges, and how you’re handling everything! If you can realize that the comparison you’re making isn't really a fair one, it may help you on that front.)

My Weird Ellen Dream

A few days ago I was getting ready for the day and as I was doing so, the details of a dream I had the night before slowly started coming back to me. I found myself chuckling as I remembered more and more of it and thought I needed to document it. So today I bring you my weird Ellen dream:

Strange Dream with Ellen Degeneres Oprah Winfrey and Sheri Dew

In my dream, I worked at The Ellen Shop (which was located in a strip mall). Ellen was always at the store, sitting at a special desk. When I arrived at work, I was told by a supervisor that all employees would get 40% off of all jeans that day because the Oprah show would be surprising Ellen by coming to the shop at 4:30 that afternoon. I started shopping and trying on jeans and hoodies until I realized that Ellen could see me and I thought I better stop shopping since I was supposed to be working.

We're Back!

Well this is possibly the longest break I've ever taken from blogging...

Details on what's in the background can be found in the Cottage Instagram stories (linked below).

I wasn't able to blog during our road trip from Utah to Canada because I was relying on hotel WiFi and had little free time. When we arrived back in Canada and were living at the cottage, we were relying on our cellphone plans for internet access and since we were out in the country, that wasn't the best connection and creating a hot spot was extremely ineffective.

Cottage Life

My best way to document our time at the cottage was through Instagram and mainly Instagram stories. If you're interested in looking back through my cottage story posts, I'll link them for you right here. I recommend it- it brings back great memories for me to watch this little series of posts. :)

Road Trip from Utah to Canada

I also have a story feature for our moving trip from Utah to Canada, so you can check that out if you'd like to get a glimpse of our road trip.  I would like to share some of these memories in blog form if I can get to it, but I'm not sure when that will happen, so these stories are your best bet if you'd like to catch up on what we've been up to.

For now I just wanted to make an appearance back here on the blog, to say a quick hello and let you know that I haven't disappeared! I hope you're still here too because there's lots more to come!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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