December 2013

10 Christmas Activities to Pin for Next Year

I love to see what projects you're up to when you link up at Sharing Time!

Here are a few Christmas projects that were linked up in December that are really cute!
You may want to pin them for next year!

Fleece Navidad Sheep by The Pin Junkie

Cucumber Christmas Tree by Kiddie Foodies

Sugar String Snowman by Kids Activities Blog

Fruity Snowmen by Kiddie Foodies

Easy Christmas Village by Naptime Rumination

Saint Nicholas Tradition shared by Mama Gets It Done
(This is so fun to see - we were just talking about this tradition
because my Dad's side of the family is Dutch :)

Felt Christmas Ornaments by Blissful Sewing

Christmas Handprint Wreath by ABC Creative Learning

Santa Treat Holder by The Pin Junkie

Christmas Cupcakes by Kiddie Foodies

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December 2013 Sharing Time & Week in Review

Welcome to the December Link Party! I hope you'll link up any fun posts from this week or month so we can see your great ideas!

First, here's the week in review:

On Monday I shared The Ultimate List of 100 Non-Toy Gift Ideas. This would be a great one to pin for later and use at birthdays, Christmas, and any other time you need a gift idea!

Heather from Notes from the Nelsens visited on Tuesday with an easy recipe for Cream Cheese Cookies!

On Christmas day, I shared this video.

Then I took a bit of a break from blogging ;)

I hope you're all enjoying your holidays! We'll be in 2014 before we know it!!

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Have a Wonderful Christmas Day!

I hope you are having a beautiful Christmas Day!

If you've got 5 minutes, this video will be worth your time.
A beautiful visual way to dwell on the reason for the celebration this day.

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Tutorial: Cream Cheese Cookies for Santa

I'm excited to welcome the beautiful Heather from Notes from the Nelsens today. I featured Heather's blog back in February and I'm happy to have her back to share a great recipe with you now :)
(Perfect for today, too- if you want to make cookies for Santa tonight!)


Hey there! I'm Heather, and I blog over at Notes from the Nelsens.

I'm an elementary school teacher who loves Jesus, cooking, laughing, coffee, tennis, and traveling

That cute guy in the picture with me is my hubby, Matt. We started dating in high school and got married six years later after graduating from Clemson (Go TIGERS!) and Furman. We're Atlanta natives who moved back to the city after college. 

We bought our first house in 2010 and flipped the entire thing before moving in. You can check out the whole-house renovation here, learn more about us (including goofy pictures of our high school dating years) here, here, and here, and see a list of places we have traveled here.

Thanks, Heather Lynne, for inviting me to take over your page today!

Now on to the recipe...

December 2013 Sharing Time & Week in Review

Welcome to the December Link Party! I love seeing your Christmas Ideas linked up!!

First, here's the week in review:

On Monday, Trisha from Naptime Rumination showed us how to make this adorable
Felt Christmas Tree Toy.

Kim from The Kim Six Fix visited on Tuesday to show us how she made these DIY Hurricane Vases from Dollar Store items!

Wednesday I shared some thoughts and photos from meeting my new niece. :)

Thursday we had Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts over to share 5 Cute Ornament Tutorials

And yesterday I posted the Recipe for Reindeer Food!

Only 4 more sleeps 'til Christmas!! :)

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How to Make Reindeer Food

This is a very important Tutorial that everyone with kids should know about!

Now, Reindeer are like humans in that their tastes vary, so don't worry if you don't have the exact same ingredients we used- they'll be happy to get a different treat at each house anyway! You can make your batch as big as you like- just a treat for the Reindeer when they stop at your home, or make individual bags to share with your friends as a little Christmas gift that they can have fun with!

Here's what we used need:

- soup plate
- mug
- candy canes
- rolled oats
- glitter
- flour

You can add other ingredients as desired (maybe sweeten it up with some extra sugar or mix in a little hot chocolate powder- you have limitless possibilities!)

Here's how we made our Reindeer Food:

Step 1: Candy Cane Crushing

This is a fun part! Use your mug & soup plate to crunch those candy canes and be sure to take turns so everyone gets to do some crunching!

Step 2: Add Other Food Ingredients

This is when you add your oats and flour and any other edible ingredients you're throwing in.

Step 3: Glitterize!

That's not a word - glitterize - but you know what I mean, right? Glitter is an important part of this recipe (you could use sequins too) because when your kids sprinkle the reindeer food on the ground, the glitter is what helps the reindeer spot it!

Step 4: Bag It Up

We put our reindeer food in little bags that we found at the dollar store and I printed these cute labels so that we could give packets of reindeer food to our little friends for Christmas gifts. You could just put it in a sandwich baggie too, to set aside for your own Christmas Eve, if you don't feel like getting that crafty ;)

I hope you have fun making reindeer food with your kids! Last year when the kids got up, we checked outside and we could see reindeer hoof prints and marks in the snow from them eating their treat up! 
It was so fun!

If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas, click here 
to see a list of 100 of them!

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