April 2021

How To Take Care of Wavy Hair

Learning how to take care of wavy hair was new for this mom with very straight hair! I'm happy to report that although curly and wavy hair requires more attention than I'm used to, getting a fabulous look is not as difficult as I originally imagined! 

how to take care of wavy hair

Keep reading to learn how we took Katrina's wavy hair from unpredictable limp waves to the beautiful beachy waves you see in the above photo!

Overcoming Worry

For years I could see that worrying wasn't helping anything, but I didn't know how to stop!  In this post I'll share the simple mindfulness practice that made a huge difference for me in overcoming worry!

Overcoming Worry
Overcoming Worry

How to Stop Being A "Worry Wart"

Mindful Hand Washing

Mindful hand washing is a simple way to become more present in your daily life. It's easy to create a mindful moment for yourself and this exercise can be applied to lots of other activities in your daily life.

mindful hand washing

Mindfulness Videos

I will be publishing a series of mindfulness videos over the next several weeks. The videos will be hosted on YouTube and shared here on the blog, along with a coordinating written blog post for each video. The first video introduces a bit about why I decided to create this series:

mindfulness videos

Grown-Up Imposter Syndrome

I had this idea, growing up, that once I became an adult, got married, and had kids, I was finished with my personal growth and my task in life was just to live out adulthood, raising my children, teaching them what they needed to know, and taking care of things in my life… and that I would just know how to do all of these things because I was an adult- I was grown up!

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