April 2022

How to Raise a Monarch Butterfly

After our little adventure raising butterflies for the first time, I wrote a blog post on how to raise a Monarch butterfly and everything we learned about it. If you assume it would be a task you just don't have time for, I encourage you to read this post! I didn't think I wanted to do it at first, but now that I know how easy it is to do, I'd definitely do it again!

How to Raise a Monarch Butterfly
How to Raise a Monarch Butterfly

It all started when the girls came home from a visit to their grandparents' house. They got their caterpillars while out on a nature walk there. Their grandma helped them to get jars, mesh, and leaves to get them started.

True Meaning of Easter Poem (Easter Symbols)

Years ago, I wrote a "True Meaning of Easter Poem" for a lesson I taught at church, to the Primary children, about Easter. I taught about Easter symbols and shared a True Meaning of Easter poem.

Here's What I Used:

- 12 plastic eggs from a True Meaning of Easter Egg Hunt
- 3 extra plastic eggs
- a candy bunny, egg, and chick for each child
- a pkg. of small ziplock bags
- cardstock

Here's What I Did:

I hid the eggs around the Primary room before the kids got there (including 3 extras, each with a candy egg, chick, or bunny in it)

When it was time for the lesson, we took turns finding eggs. We would open each egg and talk about what the item inside had to do with Easter. When someone found one of the candies, we would talk about how that item represented new life and that is how it relates to the true meaning of Easter.

Easter Poem for Kids

At the end of the lesson time, each child got a little bag with one of each of the 3 candies inside as well as a copy of this poem about the true meaning of Easter:

Poem about Meaning of Easter and Spring Symbols

Ken and I wrote that little Easter poem for children together at 11:30, the night before church! Thankfully, it still made sense to us in the morning ;) haha If you're interested in using the poem, you can save a copy for yourself by left-clicking on the image above (to see it full-sized) and then right-clicking on it and choosing "save image as", to save it to your computer.

Printable Easter Poem

The large one above is 8.5x11".  If you'd like smaller ones for hand outs, you can save the one below (it's 8.5x11" as well, but has 4 of the poems on it)

True Meaning of Easter Poem (Easter Symbols)

I'm curious to know if you have any special ways that you've brought the true meaning of Easter into your Easter celebrations- I'd love for you to share any in the comments of this post!

Hope you're having a lovely Monday!

Find more Easter Printables Here:

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Mother's Day 2022 Gift Guide

I'm excited to announce this Mother's Day 2022 Gift Guide! 

How many times have you been asked what's on your wish list and had no answer prepared? This year, you'll be ready for that question when somebody asks! You might want to save this post for your birthday and other special occasions, too! 

Mother's Day 2022 Gift Guide

There are discounts & giveaways for several of the items in the guide, and I'll be posting videos for several of them throughout this week, so stay tuned on YouTube and Instagram so you don't miss them! 

Now, onto the featured items- I've carefully chosen some special things that I would love to give (or receive) for Mother's Day.  I hope you'll discover something new that you'd like too!

You've Been Egged

Several years ago, I shared a service-oriented family night activity over on Jedi Craft Girl's blog. I've noticed that my "You've Been Egged" printable has been popular lately, so I thought I'd share that family night activity with you here on the blog today!  Jedi Craft Girl is posting the 8th year of her "Walk With Jesus" blog series this year, so be sure to check that out for some great new ideas, too!


You’ll need 12 plastic Eggs & the items needed to create this Easter countdown. You can find a list here as well. – Prepare some small slips of paper and something to write or draw with for each family member. – Have an empty box or bowl ready. – Print the handouts and the “You’ve Been Egged” note.

You've Been Egged
You've Been Egged Printable

You've Been Egged Printable

Download “You’ve Been Egged” note HERE.

Free Printable #Hallelujah Easter Table Settings

Are you hosting or helping out with an Easter meal this month? You're going to love the printables I have for you today!  It's a whole set of Easter table setting printables by Bettijo from Paging Supermom who created the matching printable He Lives Easter Banner!

Click Here to download a copy to print for yourself! :)

Here's what the download includes:

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