July 2016

Learning About Pulleys

For her first Science Fair, Katrina did a project on Basic Mechanics- specifically focusing on Pulleys. We wanted to make it fun, so Ken actually built a pulley system for her to demonstrate with and we thought it would be fun to share with you here. :)

I'll include instructions for how we made ours after I show you the poster she made:

Sharing Childhood Memories & Making New Ones at Port Dover

Summer Holidays during my childhood were all about playing outside with my siblings and friends. "Screen Time" wasn't a term I had ever heard; we rarely watched movies at home as kids and we didn't even have a computer until I was a teenager (smart phones and tablets didn't even exist)! Childhood summers are different for my kids, but I'm doing my best to limit screen time and expose them to the same kind of outside fun and freedom that I experienced as a kid.

Last week, Ken took a day off from writing his thesis and we all went to the beach! A couple of other families met us there and we had a great day together. This was particularly fun for me because we went to Port Dover where I remember going with my family when I was little. It brought back so many great memories.

A Mother-Daughters Getaway at The Grand Hotel & Suites in Toronto

We had a few surprises for my mom for her birthday this year. First, the party was a surprise. Second, we flew my sister, Hilary, to Canada to be here for the party. It had been 2 years since she was here last so we were really excited to see her! Third, my sisters & I took her on a girls' getaway to Toronto for a couple of days while my sister was in town!

My mom has often mentioned how she would love to do a "girlcation". We only had a few days with Hilary in town, so we packed them full with the party, Father's Day, more visiting with family, and this two-day getaway!

On our first day, we drove in to Toronto early to do some shopping at the Eaton Centre Mall. The mall is a 7-minute walk from The Grand Hotel & Suites where we would be staying. Parking fees in Toronto can really add up so we were really happy to be able to park at The Grand's underground parking earlier in the day, before we even checked in to our room.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I love to share photos and details from the story of our experiences. Here's a glimpse of the entry when you walk into the hotel. I wish I could've shown you a wider view because the ceilings were very tall and it was just gorgeous!

July 2016 Sharing Time & Giveaway

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