March 2016

How to get Signed Character Meet & Greet Photos at Disney Parks!

I'm all about making and documenting special memories, so I knew we'd want to take photos of the girls meeting characters at Disney World.  We thought the girls would enjoy getting the characters' autographs too, so we got them little autograph books to take on the trip. It was Ken who thought of a great way to combine the two concepts!

By the reactions we were getting from the characters and Disney photographers there, this was a new idea that they hadn't seen before!  Today I'm going to show you how to get your character meet & greet photos signed at Disney Parks!

Get Disney Character Meet and Greet Photos Signed

Free Printable Easter Basket Tags (Real Meaning of Easter)

As the Easter bunny prepares to visit our homes in celebration of things that we associate with Spring, I like to try to find ways to remind my kids about the reason we celebrate Easter. I posted a little poem that I wrote last year that compares springtime symbols from Easter time to the real story of Easter, involving Jesus.  I love this pretty Easter basket tag that Melissa Esplin created because it suggests that we take some time to look through our baskets to see how each item could relate to our Saviour.  If you'd like some ideas, check out the post with the poem (there's a free printable there, too). :)

Click Here to download a copy to print for yourself! :)

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Free Printable Nesting Easter Envelopes & Cards

As I continue to share a collection of beautiful Easter printables with you this month, I'm excited about these beautiful Nesting Doll-style Easter Envelopes. They're a creative way to give someone a little gift that focuses on the real meaning of Easter. These were created by Heidi Swapp.  Each envelope has a scripture reference inside. When you put them together, you'll be able to keep opening them and revealing a new message on each that helps to tell the story and miracle of Easter.

There are 5 envelopes that get progressively smaller, tucked inside each other. Opening them this way will allow the reader time to look up the scripture references and think about each one as the story unfolds.

These are the little messages inside of the envelopes:

Nutrition Facts Game & Grocery Giveaway

For the majority of my adult life, I seem to have subconsciously subscribed to the idea that you only need to worry about what you eat if you're trying to lose weight. I wasn't trying to lose weight, so I was telling myself that I could eat whatever I wanted with no consequences. Obviously, I knew that wasn't really true, but I was willing to ignore that as I blissfully ate as much junk food as I wanted (which, combined with a total lack of exercise, contributed to a general feeling of weakness and lack of energy). Finally, near the beginning of this year, I started to feel a stronger drive to improve my diet and actually incorporate exercise into my life. It has been great so far! I am excited to feel stronger and more energetic, and I'm happy to be teaching my children about the importance of health and the roles that exercise and nutrition play in that!

Nutrition Facts Challenge

I was thinking about the Nutrition Facts charts that can be found on all of our food packaging in Canada and I wondered what kind of an idea I had of what was in different foods that I eat.  I decided to try an experiment: I grabbed a few cereals from my cupboard and took a picture of each with my phone (and of each of their Nutrition Facts tables).

I knew that the serving sizes were all different (one would be 3/4 cup of cereal, one would be 1 cup, and the oatmeal would be somewhere in between), but that the number of grams in each were about the same.  Then I ignored the top part (so that the "1 packet" serving size wouldn't give away which chart I was looking at) and I tried to guess which table belonged with which cereal.

Easter Scripture Scavenger Hunt & French Toast Bake

My kids are pretty excited to bake together, but add a scavenger hunt to search for the ingredients list? Well, they're going to love this! :) Colette from My Computer is my Canvas created this adorable printable scavenger hunt to go with her French Toast Easter Bake recipe (free printable recipe card coming up!).

This cute printable scavenger hunt will send your kids into the scriptures to uncover the list of ingredients for the recipe (which you will have a cute recipe card for, with complete instructions and list of ingredients- just don't tell your kids before they complete their hunt! ;).

Easter Treat Box (Real Meaning of Easter)

I have another Easter printable for you today!  At first glance, it looks like a cute little treat box, but the little designs on it actually symbolize the true meaning of Easter. I love that Melissa Esplin put such thought into the design of this little box!  When you click the download link (below) you will also be able to see the explanation for what each of the designs on the box stands for.

Click Here to download a copy to print for yourself! :)

Find more Easter Printables Here:

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March 2016 Sharing Time

Welcome to the March Link Party!

Don't miss this collection of fun St. Patrick's Day Ideas!

See below for the Link Party and add your best posts, and check out the ones that are shared!

He Lives - Free Printable Easter Banner

Want to get in the mood for Easter with decorations?  I recently posted a little printable scripture verse that you can frame and put out as a reminder of Easter approaching, and today I want to share this adorable free printable Easter banner made by Bettijo from Paging Supermom.  I love the colours that she chose, and I'm hoping to hit up my local dollar store to try and find those tiny clothes pins because I love the way her banner turned out with them!

Click Here to download a copy to print for yourself! :)

Free Printable Easter Scripture (Real Meaning of Easter)

As Easter is coming up this month, I wanted to share this beautiful 5x7 printable that can be framed and used in your decor leading up to Easter.  It's a simple scripture, and it's a beautiful reminder about the real reason to celebrate Easter.  It was created by Melissa Esplin, and it's not the last printable I'll be sharing with you this month, as we get closer to Easter, so keep coming back to see what else I'll have in store! :) 

Click Here to download a copy to print for yourself or to give to a friend! :)

Find more Easter Printables Here:

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