Easter Loot

Easter Loot

I was talking to my friend, Jenn, about Easter loot, the week before Easter. We were talking about avoiding too much candy. She told me she'd been thinking her boys' baskets would contain more Spring things like bubbles and sidewalk chalk and less of "junkfood".

Ken & I had also been hoping to scale back on the amount of candy our kids got. We know the Easter bunny tends to leave plenty of chocolate and candy at their grandparents' houses for them (no objections to that here ;), so we were hoping the bunny might have other ideas as well.

So, this year, while the bunny came and filled our plastic eggs with mini eggs and cereal (Katrina's fav.), the "Easer Parents" (as Talia was calling us) left homemade finger puppets, new rubber boots and long skipping ropes.

Monday night we were out trying out the new, long skipping rope. It was great! Even though neither of the girls can do it quite as they were intended, we can do the wiggly snake, get Mommy speed-jumping, watch Daddy jump with Katrina (who was having a great time), and let Katrina move the rope handle (also a blast). It was lovely! :)

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