New Bike

New Bike

We visited my parents yesterday, out of town.
We had a lovely day.
We went to the park.
Katrina didn't nap.
Grandma & Grandpa watched the girls for a couple of hours & Mommy & Daddy went on a spur of the moment date.
We ate ice cream cake.
We stayed late (for the girls).
And we drove home happy.

On the way home, we picked up a bike that we bought for Talia on kijiji.
When we got home it was late, it was dark, Katrina was asleep.

But Ken set up the bike & Talia got to ride it around in pajamas, in the magic of the night and all things sparkly, girly, and princessy. It was a great day & a lovely end to the day.

p.s. I know I went another Monday without a post (sorry Rachelle;) There WILL be one next Monday, I promise! There are more posts to come, I just need to catch up with everything after this long weekend.


  1. Oh I love purple bikes with danglies. My girls won't ride them anymore. Guess I'll have to get one for myself.

  2. Is that Dora? If so, Tessa and Talia are bike twins now :)


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