Not Dead ;)

Not Dead ;)

It's Monday.
& I don't have a Monday Moments for you.
And it's been 4(?) days since I last posted.
That might be a record since I started this combined blog (eek!)

I have posts coming on:
- my latest sewing project
- a baby photoshoot
- an old sewing project that I will soon be able to post about, once it is gifted
- a fun thing to bake with kids
- some things in our home
- a confession & a goal
- and lotsa other stuff

I've just been busy sewing, playing, visiting new babies, taking pictures, and such, to keep up with blogging the last few days! But, it'll come. I just need a good long naptime to work on things ;)

Just wanted to post & let you know I'm not dead & neither is the blog ;)

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