Upcoming Review

Upcoming Review

I recently found out about a website called CSN stores which has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from bar furniture to briefcases, toys to home decor, cookware to cribs, and tons more! (Seriously, you could spend a lot of time on their website, checking everything out... I did ;)

I'm excited to have been contacted by them and given the opportunity to do a product review for them soon! Watch for that post if you want to see what the product is and hear about how it went- we're excited to tell you about it! :)

Please Note: My mom was shocked that I linked to bar furniture in this post, so let me clarify something. I don't drink! It's actually against my beliefs & part of my religion, not to drink. I do, however, love some of the products in the bar furniture section of this website- like their counter-height table sets (if I didn't already have a kitchen table set, and if I weren't concerned about my little monkey Katrina climbing up on the chairs, I'd be all over one of those sets! ;)

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  1. I have seen them do a lot of give aways on blogs. I need to go check them out!


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