Yesterday I got to go with my little sister to pick my parents up at an airport across the border in the U.S. (While we've been dealing with "snowmagedon", they've been in Florida for 10 days- lucky them!) We left early (by several hours) so that we could do some shopping. It was great! I got stuff with my birthday money & it was fun to spend time with my sister :)

Since we got home late, I stayed over at my parents' house & drove home this morning. Yesterday was a nice little break from Mommyland, and a chance to recharge my batteries, so to speak. Now I'm back to regular life, having some computer time (and eating leftover ice cream cake) while the girls "nap" (actually I can hear them singing together in their room- which is cute, but if I hear footsteps, I'm going up there to lay down the law ;)

It's good to be back :)

The CSN Stores Gift Code giveaway is ending tomorrow. If you're reading this, and you want an extra entry, just go, post a comment on the giveaway post that says "recharge" and you'll get another chance at winning. :) Thanks for reading!

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  1. Happy Birthday Heather! Sorry we missed it! I hope it was great, and your trip sounds so nice.


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