Snow Cream!!

Snow Cream!!

A week or 2 ago, we had around 15cm of fresh snow. It was the perfect opportunity to try Snow Cream!

Here's what we did:

1. Gather a lot of fresh fluffy snow (CLEAN snow of course)
2. Add evaporated milk, a couple of tsp. of vanilla, and sugar
(just watch the consistency & taste, to decide how much sugar & milk to add)
3. Add more snow if it's too runny
4. Add food colouring & sprinkles!
(You can put it back in the freezer & scoop it later if you have the patience ;)

It was delicious & fun! :)

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  1. Me and the kids were going to try this! But not today though all the fluffy white snow is gone. We should have done it yesterday.

  2. We made this the last time we had snow! My son LOVED it!

  3. That is so interesting! So did it taste more like a snow cone or ice cream???

  4. I'd say it was more like ice cream- I think snow cones are a lot more "icey" :)

  5. OMG, I had totally forgotten that we used to make this as kids. Man, I wish I had come across this post while we were up in WA as opposed to back in TX. lol It will be a long time before we will get a chance to make this.

  6. I am jealous! I have never had this - sounds like so much fun to make & of course eat!


  7. I wish I had tried this before our snow had melted! Perhaps we'll get another storm (though I hope not!!!) before the season ends. Thanks for sharing!!

    I'd love to have you stop by and link up to my new party, For the Kids Fridays!



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