I've seen this idea several places on the web, and although I thought it was unique, it turns out that my sister in law in the U.S. used the same idea for one of her kids this year!
So, if you've been searching the web for Valentine ideas, you may have already seen this idea, but if not, check it out!

I've also seen this done with the hand outstretched with the palm showing & a Hershey's kiss stuck on it :)

[A little tip: I used a hole punch, but my SIL just made little slits at the top & bottom of her son's fist, and I like that look better, since it doesn't chop a hole out of the picture ;]


  1. I saw someone use that idea too this year! So cute. And Talia is so beautiful! What a great picture.

  2. That's a good idea. I also saw where you can print out a wallet size pic of your kid & add googley eyes.

  3. Cool, I wanna see the googly eyes pic! We need ideas for next year! :) I wish I had removed my background - Talia looks so cute! Love it!

  4. I didn't do any fancy editing (too much work ;) I just took it with a white (ish) wall behind her.

    Haha the googley eyes sound hilarious :)

    Thank you Alyssa! :)

  5. Such a cool idea! I may try it but will do it with pencils instead of candy. Our school does not allow any edible treats.

  6. Will try it this weekend. I'll use a pencil instead of a lollypop. Our school does not allow edible treats.


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