Teddy Bear's Picnic

Teddy Bear's Picnic

We had a Teddy Bear's Picnic party at our house recently!

Here's what we did:

(more in order of pictures than of how we did it ;)1. Each visitor got a party hat for themselves & a matching one for their Teddy Bear.
2. Treat bags consisted of party blowers, teddy grahams, gummie bears, play doh, and silly bandz.

DIY Teddy Bear's Picnic Birthday Party for kids

3. We played pin the bowtie on the Teddy Bear.
4. We played Musical Chairs (no losers- when you were "out" you went to get your face painted)
5. We played "Hullabaloo" while waiting for parents to pick kids up

Teddy Bear Birthday Party Games

6. We opened a big picnic basket to find dishes for each child & their bear, and set up the picnic
7. We made a teddy bear cake!

Ideas for a Teddy Bear's Picnic Party

8. We played "spin the rootbeer bottle" to decide which gift to open.
9. I marveled at how cute the kids were, watching Talia open her gifts. They were all so involved!


  1. it was a boy/girl party.. wow, I'm impressed..

  2. That was my first thought ... Talia has boy friends?!?! I'd had her pegged as all girl ... :)
    Looks like Thumbelina was a hit!

  3. haha, yes she does.
    A lot of the girls we invited couldn't come.

  4. Such a cute party! Great pictures. We love the game Hullaballoo too.


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