Google+ & Other Social Media Outlets!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Google+ & Other Social Media Outlets!

So I decided it was time to hop on the Google+ Train ;)

You'll notice I've added a g+ icon to the top, right of the blog along with my RSS, Twitter, email, Pinterest, & Facebook icons. Man, there are a lot of ways to keep in touch!

There's also a cute little Google+ Widget in the sidebar, where you can just click on the "Add to circles" button, to get Raising Memories on your Google+. It looks like this:

(Please join me, I'm lonely over there! ;)

And while we're sharing Social Media connections, here are the rest:

I hope you'll come on over & be my friend/follow me if you're not already!

What is your favourite place on the web?
Do you think we have too many??


  1. my favourite place is Facebook.

    1. It sure helps that almost everyone is over there already!


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