Eczema Prevention in the Winter Months

Eczema Prevention in the Winter Months

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If you've struggled with Winter Eczema then you know how nice it is to find a product that works for you!  

Winter Eczema

My poor family has a rough time with their skin during the winter months! I get super dry, itchy legs. Ken's hands get dry, red, rough, and sometimes crack and bleed. The girls' hands are a lot like Ken's and even Katrina's face can get pink and rough from playing out in the cold. Fortunately, it's still early so nobody's skin is TOO bad yet.  However, it has already started snowing quite a bit here, so I know the Eczema is all about to hit!

Below is a photo of our backyard as I type this, and of Katrina's poor cheeks last year during Winter:

polysporin on eczema

Where to Buy Polysporin Eczema Essentials

We have tried several different products and almost none of them have helped, so we were happy to try out one of Polysporin®'s Eczema Essentials products!  When Talia & I were on a trip to Walmart, we stopped in their Pharmacy area to look for them to try and have them on hand when the the winter Eczema hits!  First we tried near the Polysporin ointment (it wasn't there), then we tried near the other creams and skin products and we found it there.  We bought the POLYSPORIN® ECZEMA ESSENTIALS Daily Moisturizing cream.

polysporin eczema cream

Ken's hands had already started to get a bit rough when we went out to buy the cream, as you can see in this photo (I've circled his problem areas).  This is where his skin can get very red and crack and bleed if he isn't really careful.

polysporin eczema

Polysporin Eczema Essentials Daily Moisturizing Cream

He's been using the moisturizing cream on his hands, I've been using it on my legs, and the girls use it on their hands (and Katrina's cheeks).  We've been using it for a week and I haven't seen anyone's symptoms get worse, so I'm feeling good about the product so far!  I'm excited because it seems to be keeping my legs good too (whenever they start to itch, I just use the lotion, and it seems to be keeping it at bay)!  Normally, during the dry winter months, my legs get so itchy I can't resist scratching (and then they hurt because I scratch too much and it's a vicious cycle!) 

I'm glad we were able to start trying this product early and I'm hoping it will prevent everyone's skin from getting worse this year!  If you haven't tried it yet for your Eczema in the winter, it's worth a try to see if it's "the one" for you!

polysporin eczema essentials

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  1. Winter is indeed harsh on skin. I don't have eczema, but a few of my friends and their kids do. I'm going to let them know about your post!

  2. my middle guy has sensitive skin and the winter can be hard on him, I wonder if this would help

    1. I have been using the cream just as a hand cream when my hands get really dry from this weather- I love that it doesn't have a strong (or gross) smell!

  3. The winter weather really takes a toll on our skin. Good to know about this product - I'll keep my eyes peeled for it!

  4. I never knew polysporin had an eczema line!? how did I not know this! I find in the winter especially, eczema cream is the only type that helps our parched frozen skin!

  5. Definitely need to try this out for my daughter. Usually cold weather does bother eczema because we stay indoors, but now that she's in school and they make multiple trips outdoors, I've noticed it's flaring up on her legs a bit.

  6. I'm so glad it's helping out. I really need to try this for my eczema. #client

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