Remembrance Day & Veterans Day with Children

Remembrance Day & Veterans Day with Children

How do you talk to your children about Remembrance Day? Or Veterans Day if you're in the U.S.?

What do you hope they will learn and understand about this day and what it represents?

Last year Talia was asked to carry her class wreath during the school's Remembrance Day assembly. It was a good opportunity to prepare her and talk about the meaning behind the day. This year both girls are off to school for Remembrance Day and we've sent them with Poppies and a discussion this morning about soldiers and war and what it means for us that those soldiers fought.

Left: Talia with the wreath. Top: Talia on stage with the wreath.  Bottom: My dad, Katrina & I in the audience.

I hope they'll learn even more at school and I plan to talk to them more when they get home.

As I talked to them this morning though, I found myself wishing I had thought a little more about it before today, and thought about what might be most important for them to take away from this day. I considered getting books from the library about it or teaching them a bit of the history of the wars, but I wonder if that could be too much for them at this age. I don't want to get too graphic on them!

So I'm curious, how do you talk to your kids about Remembrance Day and Veterans Day?
 How much detail do you get into?

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  1. That is a great question. We are very open with our kids, no buttering up the answers. They understand that the world wasn't what it is today. Today we went to our children's school for the assembly and it was an honor watching our little girl say a special little piece to the room.

  2. I knew as far back as I remembered that we honoured the people who risked their lives and the people who gave their lives. I was never aware of how gruesome it was until I was older and learned that in school.

    I would do the same with my son.

  3. I love to give my children the facts! I think it helps to make them more well rounded. DH is from a German family who was a part of WWII (German army but didn't agree with Hitler). It was hard for him growing up in CANADA being told Germans were evil. For this reason, we share EVERYTHING with my children so that they will be well rounded.

  4. I most definitely think it is important for my children to know what was done for them to have the freedoms they do now. These men and women need to be honoured always!


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