MiB Awards... Vote For Raising Memories! (Also Giveaways!)

MiB Awards... Vote For Raising Memories! (Also Giveaways!)

October was a very exciting month for me in regards to this blog!  With the sudden popularity of my 100 Non-Toy Gift Ideas post , came a lot of traffic to the blog and it has been exciting to see it grow at an increased rate!

I write this blog because I want to share fun ideas with other parents.  When the blog grows, it reaches more parents and that's my goal!  I am so grateful for those of you who keep coming back to read this blog- I'm so happy you like it here!

So today I wanted to tell you that this blog is up for an MiB (Made in Blog) award and I wanted to let you know so that you could vote for me!  (It's super quick & easy and you don't have to register or log in or anything)

Just click on the banner below (you can vote once in each of the 2 categories)
Then click on the blue button that says "VOTE FOR ME +1" and you're done!

While you're there voting, you also have the chance to win gifts!  
You can enter to win Smart Set gift cards, Uber credits, and a Clarisonic Mia 2!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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