Easter Egg Hunts ( #NikonMOMents Part 5)

Easter Egg Hunts ( #NikonMOMents Part 5)

I took a bunch of photos this year, for Easter and I'm so happy to have them to look back on. :) We're past Easter now and looking forward to Mother's Day, but I wanted to share these photos before Mother's Day comes!

Saturday morning, the girls woke up to see the Easter baskets that Ken & I set out for them.
 I had my Nikon D3300 ready, with my 35mm 1.8 lens on it and managed to catch their reactions (and blurry sprint down the stairs ;).  The next two pics were taken with a shutter speed of 1/60th of a second which was just fine when the girls were fairly still, but when the sprint happened, I could've used a faster shutter speed (to prevent that blur).

Talia was very excited about the Pokemon cards that Ken got for her and Katrina was thrilled with her new rubber boots.  They each got some new dishes that Ken & I picked up while we were at IKEA (our old ones were ready to be replaced!) and then we noticed that the Easter bunny had come as well!

We video taped their hunt as they excitedly dashed around the living room, finding eggs.  I caught a couple of photos as well:

On Sunday, we went to Ken's parents' house for Easter dinner and the traditional cousin egg hunt. I grabbed a couple of photos of my mother-in-law's decorations. I can still remember specific decorations that my grandmothers put out for special occasions and I'm sure these photos will bring back special memories for my girls in the future.

Sadly, the weather did not cooperate so we had to stay indoors for the hunt. It was still just as fun although tricky for me (as far as taking photos went) because I was running back and forth between the upstairs rooms and the basement where half of the eggs and baskets were!

There was a big difference in lighting between the different areas where eggs were hidden, and I did not have time to play around with my camera settings, so I just put my camera on the Auto (Flash Off) mode!

That was a bit of a photography life-saver ;)  The photos turned out great!  Below is my cute nephew with one of those wind-up, hopping chicks- it was so cute to see him discovering it for the first time! To the right of that photo is Katrina, having just pulled her basket out from behind a couch.  At the bottom, left, are the cousins going through their finds :)

Here are: my nephew, showing off the golden egg he found, Katrina showing her stuffed lamb (& fancy nail polish) and Ken with some sporty eggs :)

Next was dinner and my mother-in-law came up with the cute idea to put "tails" on the bunny cups! Our girls had slept over the night before and got to glue the tails on. They also helped to make that Easter bread with the egg in the middle!

We brought the saucepan cookie nests with mini eggs inside for dessert.  The top, right photo is of Talia unwrapping the egg from the Easter bread to see if it cooked properly (it did) and below that is a bowl full of eggs that the girls got to decorate during their sleepover.

It was a lovely Easter (even though the weather seemed to be stuck on Winter!).

Thankfully the following weekend's weather was much nicer, so when we visited my parents, we were able to have an outdoor egg hunt!  The girls brought their rubber boots, and had fun with their small cousin, looking for eggs. Auntie Amber was helping cousin Tori (and it looks like Amber was just as excited as my girls, to be allowed out of the house and start hunting! ;)

I love having these cute photos of the girls hunting in their Easter dresses! Just looking at them brings back memories from that weekend, and of the fun my mom & I had walking around the backyard, finding hiding spots for the eggs. :)

It was fun to watch little Tori (who just turned one year old recently).  She would find an egg and then shake it and shake it before putting it into her basket :)

She had had an egg hunt with her other grandma the previous weekend so I think she knew there was something tasty inside of those plastic eggs ;)

These are the kinds of moments that I will look back on dreamily when my children are grown up. Do you ever catch yourself wishing that you could get to some point in the future faster?  or just get through the day that you're experiencing? Sometimes I catch myself in those moments and remind myself to soak up all of the good in the day and the moment that I'm in. That's a big reason for my love of photography, I think. It's like a magical ability to freeze a moment in time forever.  I love it :)

Here we are inside the house- little girls cracking open plastic eggs, baby girls finding freeze-dried yogurt pieces in their eggs (love the photo with her daddy's hand holding the egg, and her tiny hand reaching inside), and a couple of treats at the grown-ups' table settings so they won't miss out on the Easter treat fun. :)

Looking back on these photos, the only thing I wish is that I would have handed the camera to someone else for a while so that I could've been in some of them!

This is the last official post I'll be sharing as part of the Nikon MOMents team, but I can assure you that over the past year, I have been loving this camera and will continue to use and love it!  I am excited about the nicer weather that's coming, and the opportunity to take more photos outside soon! I will always love photography and I will always be grateful to have had a quality camera on hand to capture these moments and memories from my girls' childhoods!

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  1. What fabulous photos! Great way to capture special moments to keep for posterity!

  2. Those are amazing pictures. I love Nikon colors. I have a Nikon D5100 and I love how the pictures come out

  3. Adorable photos!!! It looks like you had such a fun Easter celebration. What a lovely weekend.

  4. Such nice pictures. I love the girls with their rain boots on. The picture of tori's dad's hand holding the egg and then her little hand greasing inside is so sweet. I'm glad you take amazing pictures too. 😊

  5. The pictures of the girls hunting for eggs are so precious! You've captured some great memories!

  6. I love having Easter egg hunts, they are always so fun and the kids enjoy them a lot!

  7. Amazing photos,I love all the smiles

  8. Great shots. I totally need an upgrade.....ya got me wanting a Nikon now.

  9. These are adorable photos! Easter is a huge event in our home. My boys love searching for eggs. :)

  10. looks like Easter is a blast at your house!

  11. Fun post, looks like a lot of fun!

  12. I cant believe a year as passed so quickly ad here we are with Easter sunday just days away.I love your photos just beautiful !


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