Taking Time to Reflect

Taking Time to Reflect

In the midst of this busy life, with so much to do: fun things, boring things, needful things, exciting things, and more... it is good to take a moment and reflect on what is most important to us and on what we believe.

As for me, I believe in God and I believe in Christ. This weekend is one for reflection.

Whatever you believe and whatever you're doing this weekend, I hope you all have a lovely long weekend with friends and family!

If you're interested, this is a lovely short video about Easter, and what it means to us.

Easter weekend also happens to be General Conference weekend for our church. A conference is held twice a year where we listen to the Prophet, Apostles, and other church leaders. I love conference time. I love the time together as a family, I love having two days to focus in so much on what is important. Especially, I love to listen to the inspiring messages that are shared. Whether you're a member of my church or not, if you're interested, you are welcome to watch or listen to General Conference. You can do so online here. (There's a little countdown on that page, that lets you know when the next session will be).

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