Every once in a while I like to get out and try my hand at nature photography.

My favourite will probably always be photographing people, but I do love nature, and I've found that it's relaxing to me to get out and photograph it.

Here are a couple of shots from our place recently.

This one is from our backyard after we got back from vacation (it's really just a weed that grew with our grass after a couple of weeks without being cut, but I think it's pretty :)

And this is a flower from our front garden. It's a nice shot because you can't see all of the weeds around the flower ;) haha


  1. i LOVE that yellow flower!! i want some of those in my front garden. great pic.

  2. Thanks Jacquie :)
    I'm afraid I can't take any credit for their existence- they just appeared in the spring, left from the people who lived here before us ;) There are some nice purple flowers out there now, too- I should get a pic of them before they're gone :)


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~Heather Lynne

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