Fun with Dry Ice!

Fun with Dry Ice!

Ken works in a hospital, in a lab, doing research for his PhD. One day he came home with some dry ice and he & the girls had a lot of fun with it!

PLEASE NOTE: Dry ice is dangerous!!! In our case, we had Ken supervising very carefully- it's not good to actually touch the ice! If you want more info about dry ice, you can find it online!

Pretty sure this is what he did:

- Fill pot with dish soap & HOT water, in sink
- add dry ice, watch steamy/bubbly stuff bubble up
- squish the steamy stuff & watch it float away like mist!

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  1. I have fond memories of my dad bringing home dry ice for us to play and experiment with. Glad your kids could build the same.

  2. They look like they had a a great time.


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