Sidewalk Paint

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sidewalk Paint

I love the idea of sidewalk paint! My friend Cheryl posted about making some & when I saw how easy it was to make, I knew we had to do it this summer!

So, we set out to do it & look how fun it looks!

Here's How to Do It:

1. mix equal parts cornstarch & water (I think we did a half of a cup of each and it was just enough for us to play with- when we ran out of it, we were ready to be done). As you can see from the pictures above, Katrina had fun mixing- it's nice that she's old enough to take part now!

2. add food colouring! (we love this part- so fun to mix!) Talia did the colour mixing. We only added one or two drops to each colour, and we made 4 different colours. Most of our paint dried to be almost white, so I'd suggest using a bit more food colouring- just be careful not to go overboard or you'll have some colourful mess ;)

3. Get some brushes, go outside, & be artistic! :)
Talia & Katrina started picking things from the lawn & using them as paint brushes- so creative! ;) You'll also notice that Katrina saw the paint brush & immediately thought nail polish & went to work decorating her toes ;)

This was such a fun activity! Definitely do it!

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  1. I'm glad that you did this! It is so fun isn't it! Did you notice if it attracted ants?

  2. Love this!!! I think we'll try it today.

  3. I have often thought about doing this -- I just never knew how difficult it would be! It looks like something we would have a great time doing!

  4. i had no idea you could make it. I am going to have to try it. Thanks for the idea

  5. That looks like fun! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great pics! We did sidewalk paint this week as well!

  7. I just bought some corn starch to do this, need to actually follow through.

  8. This is perfect for a summer evening here in South Carolina.

  9. just curious, does this have any sidewalk staining effect? We live in an apartment and I would like to know before we do this?! It would be a blast, I know my 3yr old son would LOVE it! Thanks!

  10. Hi Ashlee, The sidewalk paint will wash away with the rain. We had some that was under the part of the roof that sticks out, so it stayed there for a long time since the rain didn't get to it easily. The rest of it washed away with the first rain, though.


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