Tie for Dad

Tie for Dad

We made this tie for Ken for Father's Day (a wee bit late in sharing this, I know- I've got a lot to catch up on! We've been busy around here!!)

What We Did:

1. Traced one of his regular ties to get the size & shape right (onto 2 pieces of cardstock, which we cut out & taped together).
2. Used blue streamers to wrap around & around the tie (taping at the back, as necessary)
3. Decorated with markers
4. Hole- punched 2 holes at the top, sides
5. Added string

And Voila! A beautiful tie for Dad to wear to church on Father's Day! :)

Note: You might try reinforcing the streamers by laminating it- this tie needed a few touch ups throughout the day as the tissue paper rubbed on things.


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~Heather Lynne

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