Superhero Birthday Party!

Superhero Birthday Party!

Back in June, I posted about a birthday party that we went to for one of Talia's friends. It was all put on by his mom, my friend Kristina. It was AMAZING! I had so much fun, just watching the kids & thinking about how fun it would have been to go to a party like that when I was little!!

Here are some pictures from the day:

Things this mom did to make the day special:

1. Sewed a personalized Superhero Cape & Mask for each child
2. Made (with her boys, ahead of time) an awesome monster pinata for the superheros to defeat on the day of the party
3. Made the amazing superhero cake you see in the photos
4. Had games to test their superhero strength and speed, etc. (with fun prizes)
5. Had an obstacle course in the playroom (that involved climbing through a cave, flying over a city, jumping off of a table into a pool full of balls (SO FUN!!), and more!

Such a fun party idea! Now, someday, I hope to make a superhero cape for Katrina... one more sewing project to add to my ever-growing list! ;)

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  1. WHat a fun brthday party! And what adorable little children you have! It looks like it was a huge success!


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