Baby Brooklyn

Baby Brooklyn

Earlier this year we visited my sister & her family for a few days since she just had a new baby. During our short visit, we were able to spend some time staging some photos of her precious new baby, Brooklyn Rose. I've been behind on posting any photography stuff, so it's taken me this long to share some with you!

Here are some of my favourites (if you haven't already seen them on my photography facebook page)

Here's the blessing dress that my mom made for her:

...and here's a glimpse of what we put the poor girl through:


  1. crazy crazy crazy cute! I want to kiss that tiny baby!! beautiful photos

  2. Oh my goodness these are so sweet!!!

  3. The one with the red hat is absolutely precious!

  4. Hi Heather Lynne-
    Oh so adorable. What fun it must have been to take all the cute photos.
    I love the name of your blog. My two girls are all grown - but I always told them when we were doing fun things that we were making memories. Sweet.
    My best- Diane

  5. Stopping by from the OSP forum - these photos are so precious!! I love them - so beautiful. You do gorgeous work. (And I'm your newest follower, by the way!! =D)


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