So They'll Know I Existed

So They'll Know I Existed

I have a pet peeve. At the end of the year, I have hundreds of photos of my family & like 4 of the photos are of me or have me in them. Not cool! Ken & I are working on this- I hand him the camera occasionally & he even reminds me to get infront of it sometimes.

So anyway, when I heard about this:

I thought I'd share this:

Sweet girl was sick that day and we were having a total relax day. (She had a perfectly awesome fountain ponytail earlier in the day- wish I had a shot of it to show you!) I need to take more photos with me in them- even if they have to be this kind of self portrait that makes my forehead look huge (yes it does. I cropped part of it out so you wouldn't see) and my arms look freakish. And it takes a few tries to get both of our faces in. But it's so much better than nothing!

I should do this more often.


  1. So sweet! We also have this issue! So really hoping to get more photos! Love your blog! :)

  2. We have that problem in my family too. Now there are two cameras...I'm usually behind one of them and my hubby usually has the other and tries to get me in the picture as much as he can.
    Cute self picture of your daughter and yourself.

  3. My cousin in a photographer and she found the same thing - that she was never taking pictures with her in them. She started a "52 week challenge" that every week she had to take 1 picture of her and her kids. she posted them on Facebook and they of course were fabulous.

    Maybe an idea to try??

  4. thanks for your nice comments! cute picture, it is so nice to have shots with us in them too!

  5. thanks for the nice comments :)

    cute picture, it is so nice to have shots with us in them too!

  6. Amber, I love that idea! I might just do it- I think I NEED to do it! :)

  7. Love the sure to make a point to take lots of pictures with you in them! You kids will love them someday! Hope to see you Embrace the Camera again...

  8. Wow! Such sweet photos! :-D
    ..following your from MBC.
    ...would love a follow back if you have time, please check out few of my posts too! :-D

    Best Regards,
    The Chic & Sassy Homemaker

  9. SO glad you joined us this week! it's so important for us to be in front of the camera!
    and this shot is adorable :)

  10. I have the same problem. It's the photographer mentality - I must take the pictures!!! I should work on this more haha.


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